Let’s talk trees!

November 10, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Celebrating 150 years with 150 trees! Elgin Farmers’ Market joins Elgin’s T.R.E.E. Initiative…
Join us in “greening” the City of Elgin by planting 150 trees in Elgin for the “Tree Replanting Elgin Experiment” or T.R.E.E. Initiative!
This November the market is hosting a series of three tree care classes in collaboration with Elgin Parks and Rec and the T.R.E.E. Initiative.

  • Nov 3rd – tree care and planting, including a live tree planting
  • Nov 10th – how to prune a tree, including live demonstrations and interactive participation
  • Nov 17th – native trees, learn what to plant and where

Tree Folks will also join us on Nov 3rd with information about their reforestation campaign.

Don’t forget to join Elgin Parks and Rec on Nov 5th at Elgin Rec Center to celebrate Texas Arbor Day.
Find out more about the T.R.E.E. Initiative here  or here

Let's talk trees!