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Located on 12 acres of farmland in the outskirts of East Austin, Banner Distilling Co. is a small batch distillery built from the ground up by two craft beer and spirits enthusiasts with a fierce purpose to carve out a Texas distilling heritage.

It’s been a whirlwind here in Texas and the world in general since the COVID-19 pandemic has reached our prairie. We have switched our attention and focus from distilled spirits production to the greater needs of our community. We’ve been engaged by the state of Texas and the city of Austin to lend a hand with the production of hand sanitizer. We’re happy to abide since we have the capability, know-how, and outright motivation to bring a tangible solution to the needs of our community. All distillers have been given Federal and State authority to lend a hand in the production of this very needed product, so we have invested in making this happen.

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