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If you’re like us, your pet is a member of your family. We discovered early on that our pup was much pickier than expected when it came to food and treats, additionally, she’s also allergic to chicken, and doesn’t like quite a few foods. While she’ll eat most stinky treats, her favorite treats ended up being the peanut butter and pumpkin biscuits that we made at home to try to make her poop more consistent (and it worked!). Our pup will do literally anything for these treats, so much so, that it’s what we give her when we’re leaving, and once she gets her biscuit, she completely forgets about us.

We started giving some of these treats to our friends and neighbors, and we discovered that their pups went just as nuts over them as ours did, and that’s the story of how Freya’s Farm came to be. We’ve since decided to work on other beneficial (and delicious) products for pets, including freeze dried raw foods and treats such as fish and chicken, all raw and freeze dried, and, of course, our signature biscuit line. We’re slowly testing and adding new recipes to our available biscuits, including apple, bacon biscuits, brewers yeast for flea control, grain free, and many others, which will all be to our exacting standards.

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