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SHAMBA is an acronym for Sustainable Homestead and Microclimate Based Agriculture. This conveys our focus on place-based agriculture, observation, and refinement. SHAMBA is founded on the principle that all living things deserve to be treated with respect, and that we can raise food in a manner that is in harmony with nature. The word “shamba” also happens to mean homestead in Swahili, and perfectly describes the scope of the farm: small and managed mostly by hand.

SHAMBA was started by Sarah Graham – educator, yoga teacher, herbalist, beekeeper, and gardening enthusiast – in 2016, but the story starts much earlier. Over a decade ago, she stumbled upon a beautiful piece of land and fell in love. She had been searching for a place to put down roots after traveling for much of her 20s, and luckily she found her spot. Her goal was, and remains, to create an abundance of food while using efficient management systems and increasing the amount of resources here on the farm.

Growth was slow at first as she worked full time in Austin and built a straw bale home. She put in fruit trees, a garden, and chicken coop. When she began keeping bees, honey was added to her offerings and SHAMBA became official. Now she sells eggs, honey, herbal medicine and salves, and fresh herbs. Sustainability is the focal point of farm design and growth. As a certified permaculture designer, she uses her knowledge (mostly made from mistakes!) to refine the flow of resources here on the farm to create products that are clean, natural, and safe. You can trust that SHAMBA products are created with love and care for the land, animals, and customers.

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