Sweet Life Soap Company

Goat milk soap, lotion and other goat milk products

About us

The base of our products is goat milk, so each individual bar is handmade with all natural, wholesale ingredients instead of the regular chemicals found in average household soap.

Our primary product is soap, but we also produce other natural products like lotions, shea butters, foaming scrubs and more. They are naturally scented and produced using goat milk. We believe in a philosophy of a sustainable measure of living and take pride in each bar of soap produced. No matter whose order we fill, we take care to ensure satisfaction and happiness from the customer.

Speaking of customers, it does not matter if you are a business or family, buying wholesale or retail; we are more than happy to fill your order. Located in Austin, Texas, and traveling around to places like Colorado, no one is outside of our reach. Even if you do not reside in one of those states, you can still purchase our products online.


Email mygoatmilksoap@att.net, call or text 512-297-4199, or direct message on facebook

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