Amber Oaks Ranch

Grass-fed beef & lamb, pastured pigs and poultry

About us

Amber Oaks Ranch is a fledgling 70-acre homestead just south of Thorndale, Tx (about 35 miles ENE of Austin). It was established in December 2015 by John & Molly Pantalone. The purposes of Amber Oaks Ranch are threefold: to provide a secure future for ourselves and family, to test our skills and ideas in small business and agriculture, and to provide a wholesome experience to our friends and neighbors.

To achieve this, we are setting up a homestead and a pastured meat based operation.  We raise beef, pork, and pasture raised organic fed chicken on pasture – the way it should be.  In the future, we plan on building a customer butchering facility and teaching homesteading classes to our friends and neighbors. We believe that it is vitally important to feed the mind, body, and spirit with unadulterated truth. We are alarmed by the current state of education and agricultural and are concerned for the welfare of the people we love. To this end, we have established Amber Oaks Ranch in order to help people regain their freedom through independent living.


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