Become a vendor

Craft/value add waiting list

There is currently a waiting list for craft/value add vendors.

As a farmer’ market, we’re required to maintain a 51% to 49% producer to craft/value add ratio in our membership. Producers are vendors who grow some or all of the products they sell.

If you fall into the craft/value add category, please still apply and you will be added to our waiting list. We’ll also add you to our contact list for our monthly Sunday farmers’ and artisan markets.

Please note that value add food vendors are given priority over other craft vendors.


Membership is required to vend at Elgin Farmers’ Market. Membership costs $50 / year, $25 if you join from July 1st. Please download and complete the:


Return completed forms to

Please also download and read our Rules and Regulations and By-Laws before sending your application.

Booth fees

Booth fees are $15 / per booth.

If you are aggregating products, all producers need to be members, but only one booth fee is required.

Set up

All vendors are expected to be fully set up and ready to sell by 4pm.

If you are using a canopy tent, each leg must be weighed down with 30 lbs for a total of 120 lb.

All product prices must be displayed, suggest donation amounts should be displayed where products don’t have a fixed price.

Who can sell what?

Vendors may aggregate with other vendors and sell products in one booth versus two so long as all vendors represented in the booth are market members (see above), and each vendor’s products are differentiated with marketing materials.

Children (classified as 16 years of age or under) wanting to sell products do so as long as they are accompanied by an adult and have any necessary permits to sell their products.

The market strictly prohibits resale.

Please read our Rules and Regulations and By-Laws for more information before sending your application.