Nanny Goat Salsa

The only salsa you'll ever need.

Seriously addictive and perfect for every occasion. Original, Cilantro Lime and Chunky- available in Medium & Hot. For those of you that like it really HOT try our XXHot salsas.

Family owned and operated- established in 2019. The best homemade salsa around- fresh, gluten free, no sugar added, seriously addictive salsa. We currently offer three flavors of salsa- Original, Cilantro Lime and Chunky. All three flavors are available in Medium, Hot and XXHot heat. No goats were harmed in the making of our salsa.

Our story

After a sudden lay-off from her job of 8 years; LaRicher had a lot of time on her hands, so she started baking. She baked cakes, pies, friendship bread, casseroles etc. She soon grew tired of baking and decided to try her hand at making salsa. After several batches, she felt that she finally had something worth sharing with her family and friends. Her family was eating it faster than she could make it.

Fast forward 10 years- One day LaRicher convinced William (who never took anything to the company potlucks) to take a couple of jars of salsa with him to work. After the potluck he called to let her know everyone LOVED the salsa and several folks had offered to pay for a jar. That evening he came home with a few orders from his co-workers. Soon after, LaRicher had a chance to serve her homemade salsa at a local ribbon cutting. She received lots of positive feedback from the community and decided she would give this salsa gig a shot. This was the beginning of something amazing!

LaRicher and William began to sell their salsa at local community events, but still needed a name for the salsa. We polled a few names with our family. Then one of LaRicher’s sisters, Stephanay, unexpectedly passed away, so we decided to honor her memory by naming our salsa after her childhood nickname “Nanny Goat.” It’s a fun, catchy name that pairs up well with our delicious almost famous salsa.


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