Nanny Goat Salsa

The only salsa you'll ever need.

About us

After suddenly being laid off from my job of 8 years; I had a lot of time on my hands. I was looking for ways to keep busy and seriously one could only scrub the tub, floors and toilet so many times. So I decided to refocus my energy on cooking. I must’ve baked a zillion loaves of friendship bread, cookies, cakes, casseroles- you name it.

I got bored with baking and I decided to try my hand at making salsa. After several batches I finally had something worth sharing with my family and friends. My family was eating it faster than I could make it.

Fast forward 10 years – one day I convinced my husband, who never takes anything to the company potluck, to take a couple of jars of salsa with him to work. After the potluck he called to let me know everyone loved the salsa and several folks offered to pay us for more. That evening he came home with a few of orders from his coworkers.

Soon after I had a chance to serve my salsa at a local ribbon cutting. I got lots of positive feedback from the community so we decided to give this salsa gig a shot. Along the way one of my sisters unexpectedly passed away, so we decided to honor her by naming our salsa after her, well her childhood nickname – Nanny Goat.


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