Woodhoek Wild

Woodhoek Wild Handcrafted Natural Soaps and Candles

Greetings friends!

I am coming to you from rural central Texas, a tiny place called Red Rock, which is fairly close to Austin. My partner Julio and I, along with our family of critters, live on several acres in the rolling sand hills of southern Bastrop County.

After a long career in Austin, I retired in 2018 to build a closer relationship with our land and give handcrafted soaps and candles a try. My shop name comes from the name I gave our place more than two decades ago- Woodhoek (pronounced wood.hook). The origin of the name comes from my time in South Africa, where I lived in Fish Hoek. “Wild” in the name pays homage to the state of our land and that it still feels a world away from the growing hustle and bustle in and around Austin.

Our philosophy of life at Woodhoek has always been to tread lightly and minimize our imprint, keeping our tiny corner of the planet as wild as possible for as long as possible. This same philosophy extends to our soap and candles. Just about everything used in making and shipping our products is recyclable.

I hope you enjoy what we create and purvey through this awesome space.


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